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SENA-FDS is an analysis solution that detects abnormal behaviors and symptoms.
It uses various analytical methods which enhance the detection accuracy and it visualizes the analyzed results in order that any user can easily understand them. SENA-FDS is based on a pattern analysis methodology, SENA framework. This framework helps users to write detecting scenarios. And its optimized pattern analysis algorithms enable SENA-FDS to discriminate the patterns of data based on difference, distribution, relationship and comparison. SENA-FDS can be applied to various fields such as internal control, audit, security, etc.


SENA-Fraud SENA-Fraud

Use Case

  • Electronics, Telecommunication
    • Warranty Billing Fraud
  • Finance
    • Insurance claim fraud
  • All industries
    • Security abnormal detection, internal control, audit, missing cost analysis

"SENA-FDS can be applied to customers who have needs to explore and analyze unusual behavior. With various analysis cases and algorithms, it is easily applied to business and its effectiveness can be measured in short time. Currently, it is developed on the basis of Oracle DBMS but will be extended to big data basis. Note that detected unusual behaviors not necessarily mean ‘Fraud’ but meaning further analysis is needed on subjects following different pattern than others."


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