Our Approach

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This is a quality managenent analytics solution equipped with specific action plans for manufacturing quality analysis, providing a quality optimization method and analysis environment for unstructured bad data.
Competition in the production industry is becoming more intense every day, and production quality standards for advanced products are becoming increasingly strict. SENA – Quality Management Analytics Solution has adopted an even more advanced analysis method through the use of structured and unstructured quality data generated between production processes. This solution performs the result prediction and prior response through cause/linkage analysis, process parameter optimization, and analysis of effect between factors to improve the production yield and quality.


Until now, quality management solutions have been provided by a separate company for each field of expertise. LG CNS provides a total solution including analysis consulting, analysis tool and engine and visualization to lower costs and raise the quality improvement efficiency. Previously, a separate specialist in each field such as business, analysis, data and visualization were required, but with SENA-QMAS Management Analytics Solution, the analysis can be done by a small number of people and the result is a higher level of task standardization.



  • Prompt response to quality issues
    • Responds promptly by checking for dangers in advance
    • Responds to abnormal situations promptly
  • On-line-based analysis
    • Scenario-based fast and easy analysis environment (Produces end-user analysis contents quickly and automatically)- Creates end-user analysis contents quickly and automatically based on provided templates
  • EDA environment support
  • Fast analysis support
    • Provides essential EDA function required for data search and to support easy data search
  • Cost reduction
    • Minimize and prevent defects through early detection of quality failure
    • Minimize personnel expenses (Specialists for each field are not required)

Use Case

  • Global leading electronics company
    • Quality management data analytics
  • Global leading chemical industries company
    • Quality management data analytics

"As we produce more high-tech products, high-level quality management becomes essential. Using the old simple analytic methodologies, not only quality failure cost increases, but also customers lose their trust on the products. It also lessens the stability of manufacturing orders.
SENA-Quality Management Analytics Solution analyzes big data of manufacturing processes in short time. It helps you correspond to defective products before late, which decreases the failure cost and increases production yield rate. With SENA-QMAS, raise your industrial competitiveness"


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