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Smart R Analytics (SRA) is the low-cost solution based on open source R.
SRA can provide advanced analytics with high performance through the distributed parallel processing of big data in connection with SBP, and includes the function to integrate the analyzed model with an external application easily. SRA also provides the workflow-based analysis tool for improving development productivity.

sra core

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applications - stream connector

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SRA Core
- Manages SRA module and performs the function to communicate with R as well as a number of R servers
SBP Connector
- Performs Hadoop data loading on R and distributed parallel analysis in connection with SB P to improve the analysis performance
Stream Connector
- Provides API for communicating with external applications and applies the analysis model made by R easily without modification
SRA Designer
- Provides the function ro develop Workflow-based analysis model and user friendly UI to improve the development productivity

Why SRA?

why sra

sra smart r analytics

  • High performance
    • Performs advanced analytics effectively through the distributed analysis of big data in connection with SBP
    • Provides a parallel analysis algorithm for improving the analysis performance of R
  • Connectivity
    • Provides various vertical solutions for fraud protection and quality control
    • Provides API for connecting with external applications to improve integration with and utilization of the analysis mode
  • Others
    • Open source R used as the analysis engine to create a low-cost integrated analytics solution.
    • Secures various references and relevant technology patents
  • Convenience
    • Provides a workflow-based analysis tool to improve analysis/development productivity
    • Easy operation and maintenance with the support of server-based simultaneous users

Use Case

  • Loaded on LG CNS vertical solutions
    • Fraud analytics
    • VoC analytics

"Business users can easily perform data analysis using SRA. Also, it is a simple process for those of who want to apply analytic model made by data scientists to their business system. SRA is especially useful solution when there is high demand of big data analysis or text data analysis."


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