Smart LAP(Log Analytics)

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Using log data, Smart LAP securely collects, saves and analyzes massive amounts of log data
It provides an analysis platform for continuous advanced analysis of process ETL. It can also search original log data and the contents of attached documents using the search engine and document data process technology.

Why Smart LAP?

Why Smart LAP?
  • smart lap
    • big data storage
      • callect and sabe all logs at one place - expand target data for analysis
      • possible to store data for a long period of time - expand the target period of analysis
      • collect and save structured and unstructured data
    • integrated analysis platform
      • lg cns sbp - based log analytics solution
      • possible to collect and save data and perform etl and high - level analysis process non-stop
    • advanced search
      • Keyword search on the whole original log based on search engine
      • Improved search performance through distributed indexing
      • Function to search the contents of the attached file provided
    • flexible architecture
      • NoSQL-based data store
      • Easy to change schema due to Schema-less storage structure
      • Possible to add a desired item for analysis in real-time without additional DB work
    • easy expansion
      • horizontal expansion provided through distributed architecture
      • Linear performance secured for system expansion
      • Non-stop service supported for system expansion
    • high performance
      • Distribution and collection of massive amount of data in real time
      • Distributed parallel processing of collected data
      • NoSQL-based real-time massive amount of data inquiry and analysis performance secured

Use Case

  • Global leading electronics company
    • Service log analytics
  • Global leading chemical industries company
    • Security log analytics

"Smart LAP is useful for log analysis on massive data that couldn’t be analyzed before due to storage or performance issue. Now, with Smart LAP, Service log analysis, Security log analysis, log analysis for IT operation management on big amount of data is easily done. Also, when real-time log search and tracing analysis is needed and when log entries change often leading the standard of log analysis needs to be changed flexibly, Smart LAP can benefit you. Finally, anyone can collect new logs and analyze them without experts."


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